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Name:Krystle Harrison
Birthdate:May 14
Character’s Name: Krystle Harrison
Race: Totally human
Age: 24

Personality: Krystle isn't a true team player, and she isn't a true loner, she likes having people around to talk to, but likes working on her own.
She plays at being more innocent than she really is, and sometimes her foul mouth surprises people because she's cute, small, and blonde.
She's opinionated about odd things, colors for instance, and entertainment. Sometimes she'll play Devil's Advocate just for the sake of having an argument, and sometimes it's just to make people think. She won't try to force people to see things her way, because she knows that never works, she will, however, try and play the innocent card as often and as liberally as possible.

Any Abilities: She can swear (but little else) in four languages besides English. French, Russian, German and Italian. She's a bit like MacGyver when it comes to engine repair, fixes things with bubblegum and hairpins. Other than that she's fairly average aside from the fact that she has mild to moderate sound-to-touch and sound-to-sight synesthesia.

A Brief Outline Of History: Krystle was always a bit of an odd kid, she was the one that was off in the corner of the library with the stack of sci-fi and choose-your-own-adventure books when the rest of the girls were reading Babysitter’s Club and romance novels. She went to her first convention when she was still in diapers because she comes from good geek stock.
She was raised on the good stuff, original Dr Who, the director’s cuts of both Dune and Blade Runner, she can write in Tengwar just as easily as English. She still has her original Commodore 64 lovingly preserved in the basement. She does still live at home, but only because it’s easier since two part-time jobs aren’t the same as one full time job, but she likes them both well enough, working both at a smoothie place and as an assistant mechanic at a family-run garage near her house.

Krystle is an OC and is adaptable to most canon 'Verses, but I won't try to force her into one where she's not wanted. Her username comes from the belief that there are no girls on the internet. Her PB is Nicki Aycox and she, as well as mun and muse are over 18
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